The Third Smart Contract challenge

The people from TON Foundation organised again a contest. This time we need to write 5 smart contracts on Func language.

As they say the challenge is purposed to encourage the developers learning Func language and should be relative simple. For me thought is not such simple. I need to refresh all my knowledge about math and computer systems in general. I can not even understand WHAT should be done, not mentioning of HOW it could be implemented.

For example is the task 4 one need to implement an operation to sum of two elliptical curves Curve25519.

I assume that among readers of my blog there are someone who is calculating elliptical curves for fun every day before breakfast, but I am not like that.

However I starting to feel that I like this process - to dig into the new area and revealing the new ideas and knowledge. Nikolay Durov made a great deal of creating such an infrastructure. Someone even call him a second Nakomoto.

So far I have more questions that answers. For example: The TON smart contracts are mutable. How we can prevent scam then if the creator of the contract can rewrite it later? Or, there is an another example: wallets in TON network are smart contracts. There are some of them are written on Func, some on Fift. In the documentation they say that these wallets are almost the same. Why then the Func code of smart contract is not available?

In order to understand how it works one need to read trough hundreds of pages of documentation. There as some step-by-step guides but they are really different, opinionated and very often outdated.

If anybody love to solve puzzles, I would really recommend to participate in the challenge. The first phase is unfortunately already over, the second phase will be running till 21th December, so there are still some time left.


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Installed an interesting aplication that makes me to move more. The idea of the application is to transform the steps you do daily into cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens theoretically you can sell in the market and earn some money. Of cource it is practically not acchievable. Each 1000 steps is being converted into one GEM. In the application you have a beast called CAThlethe. You should walk in order to make your CAThlete stronger. The number of daily steps theoretically allows you to increase your chances to win a fight with other CAThlets. 

Of cource an app is not perfect. It is not clear to me how I can use GEMs I have earned, how to transform theme to anything. But the idea is interesting and at least it motivates me to move more.


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