Simple Text Editor

Created new version of Simple Text Editor for Android.

- fixed a lot of issues;
- added new customiation settings for font and background colors, font selectors etc.;
- simplified file selector dialog;
- created new icons;
- added new "Save As" and "New" comand;
- many some other minor changes

Now it is full features text editor which is available on Google Play.



max | 2016-10-20

Hi Peadet, I fixed this in the new version, thank you for your feedback!

Rich (анонимный пользователь) | 2017-04-13
Love the utility. Functional wlfor what I need. Only thing I wish is I would like the cursor to be more prominent. It is hard to see on my device. Cursor color change option would be nice, or cursor shape such as underline or block.

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