Fixing TWS Bluetooth headset

The kids's TWS Bluetooth earbuds became poorly magnetized to the charging station, which is why they began to charge poorly. We bought new headphones instead, but I was wondering what happened to the old ones?

Disassembling the charging case gave nothing, visually everything was in place - there was a suspicion that something was wrong with the installation of the magnets in the charging case, but everything turned out to be in place. There was nothing to do but to assemble everything back. I tried to press the headphones themselves more tightly into the slot, gluing a piece of packaging bubble polyethylene to the opposite side of the case with double-sided tape, but I was not happy with such a "repair".

Then the idea came to my mind to check the location of the magnetic poles - possibly one of the magnets was glued in with the back side, and instead of attracting - pushed the earpiece away? I found a small magnet from other broken headphones and began to magnetize it to the case and to the plugs. In the case, everything was in place - both slots perfectly magnetized the test magnet, and on the same side. But the plugs showed an anomaly - being magnetized to one of the headphones, the magnet refused to stop in one place - instead, it strove to move to the side.

Disassembling the earphone immediately revealed that the magnet had peeled off from its rightful place where it should be glued and was magnetized to the magnet of the earphone.

In fact, in both headphones, the magnets turned out to be peeled off, only in one of them the magnet also slipped onto its side, which is why if one of the headphones was still at least charged, then the other was not charged at all. Apparently, this is the result of earplugs falling out in combination with poor quality glue.

I glued the magnet in place with cyanoacrylate and put the earphone back together - now it magnetizes and charges perfectly. Now my kid asks for the headphones back - the new ones turned out to be worse than the old ones!





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