Camera support in Android Firefox


Several days ago, my Android phone asked me manualy update firefox browser. Usually it does not require manual update, but now it did, it was caused presumably because application permissions was changed. As I hoped the change was in camera permissions - if old version was not able to use camera at all because of lack of necessary permissions now when I manually accepted new permission set with camera access it should be possible.

So new version is capable to upload images right from mobile camera. It is working the following way: once you opened the page with upload button, the upload button has small "capture" button near it. If you click the button small preview window will appear with camera capture preview.

To activate new feature you should set up for the tag input[type=file] attribute accept="image/png"

Open this page on your mobile firefox to see this in action: http://maxistar.ru/kitchen/camera.html

It was tested on Motorolla Milestone 2 (Android 2.2)


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New hosting transfer

It's possible site will be unavailable some time because of transfer to new hosting.

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How to share PHP session between domain and it's subdomains?

Today I met following task: to share one session between two sites - one site is subdomain of another. Solutions appeared quite simple just need to call session_set_cookie_params ON BOTH sites before call session_start. There is a quick example:

<? session_set_cookie_params ( time()+60*60,'/', '.myhost.com'); session_start(); ?> <html> <head></head> <body> <?php if (!isset($_SESSION['ses_test'])){ $_SESSION['ses_test'] = 1; } print 'Value is: '.($_SESSION['ses_test']++); ?> </body> </html>

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HTML to CSS: Remove the gaps between cells (cellpadding, cellspacing)

border-collapse: collapse; If you want to remove all cell padding from all tables on a page, do this: table { border-collapse: collapse; }

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Changes on site

Finally improved the process of blog writing. Created authentication for site and added form for blog submitting. Now writing the blog became much more simpler then was before - I was writing them in phpMyAdmin so it was not very pleasant to create new entries. So I am promising that I will write here every day.

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English version of site

Finally fixed all weird things on my English version of site. Honestly to say the main purpose of this site was to create English version, but since my native language is Russian this was simpler to prepare Russian first.

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