I have installed GPT4 locally today. Now I understand the reason for the hype that has swept the world today.

It seems we accidentally reinvented a human.

See yourself, according to different estimations, the amount of memory of the human brain ranges from 10^6 to 10^16 bits. This, translated into a programming language, ranges from 122KB to 1136TB. Let's assume that the truth lies somewhere in the middle and is 10^11 bits, which is, 11 Gb.

The size of the model that I downloaded from the Internet in order to run the chat shown in the screenshot weighed about 4 Gb. And this is just one of the many free models available in the app. Some models are much larger. This is the same order as the rough average estimate of the memory capacity of the human brain!

We have created a repository of human experience for the transfer of which from person to person does not need an intermediary in the form of another person! We have learned how to save experience not in the form of books or oral retelling, but in a completely new form - in the form of a knowledge model that can be run on a computer and instantly get an answer to the question posed, and that's cool! We got a brain in a jar that doesn't have the disadvantages of an organic brain that is always connected, always in a good mood and ready to help.

Of course, not everything is so rosy yet, a number of questions arise, for example, how to verify the answers received, how to effectively use such models, I'm not talking about all sorts of questions about how to deal with fighters for ethics, copyrights and other miscellaneous...

Pandora's box is open, it seems to be with us now for a long time ...





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